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About Colby Kennels.....

In 1985, we brought home a beautiful little Rottweiler puppy.  Her registered name was True Lee’s Shining Star, CD, call name, Elsa.  Elsa taught us all about the true Rottweiler temperament…. proud and noble with a high level of intelligence.  Elsa had quite a sense of humor, loved children, the ocean and most of all her Daddy (my husband Bob).   If we were away at dog shows and Bob left the room, she would sit by that door and wait, ignoring everything and everyone else.  Well, maybe she would scoot away for a quick bite of a cookie, but she would run right back to the door and wait until he came back.  He always received quite a “welcome home” from Elsa.  One could not help but be touched by her devotion.  I remember once while I was training Elsa at a group class, I called Elsa in for a recall.  She started to head for me, but then perused the room, found Bob and did a lovely front in front of him. I remember how much the neighborhood children loved her.  They would knock at our door and ask if Elsa could come out and play.  Elsa passed away in November of 1994 leaving a gaping hole in our hearts and the hearts of those who were lucky enough to ever meet her.

In 1988, we met and fell in love with our first French Bulldog, Ch. Excel’s Rowdy Roo of Colby.  We saw Roo at a puppy match hopping around the ring much like a kangaroo would hop.  He was the sweetest 9-pound puppy and sooooo cute.  When we went over to see him, he cuddled up in my lap and fell asleep.   He drove home with us that day and lived with us happily for nearly eleven years.  Never once did Roo ever cry or complain even as the inoperable tumor on his scull, which eventually took his life, grew to a massive size.  His presence was so strong for so many years that it is still hard to believe that he is gone.

We owe much of our success over the past 15 years to these two dogs.  They taught us so much about their particular breeds, about humility and the love that one can share with a wonderful pet.  We began showing dogs and started our breeding program because of the fun we had with these wonderful dogs. They are missed by Colby Kennels and will never be forgotten.

We encourage obedience training and socializing of your dogs.  An obedience trained dog is easy to live with.   New communication channels open up when your dog realizes what you are looking for, and you realize what it takes to motivate him or her.   A strong bond is produced between you and your dog.

We have produced many champion and obedience titleholders throughout the years.  Some of the finest pedigrees are behind our dogs.  We take great strides to constantly improve upon our dogs.  We are very selective with the pedigrees that we choose to incorporate into our lines.  

We are members of the New England Rottweiler Fanciers (NERF) and the Medallion Rottweiler Club (MRC).